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Climbing the charts: 

The first single Ease Up (Into Love) is now charting and has reached:

Number 6 on the Country Internet Main Chart

Number 21 on the Airplay Today Triple A/Album Chart

Number 39 on the Airplay Today Adult Contemporary Chart

Number 45 on the Airplay Today Country/Americana Chart

All the songs were mixed and mastered by Brent Kolatalo (Bruno Mars, Eminem, One Republic, Jay-Z, Drake, Lady Gaga, etc)


" One thing I was really blow away by was the guitar tone on this track. It’s so crystal clear and has the perfect sparkling chime to it. It’s the first thing that hits you and really leaves an impression, like you already know the song is going to be good. The vocals are really what give this jam its pop flavor. Jay has one of those bright, summertime voices that leaves you feeling upbeat and optimistic."

" Jay Elle proves to be a deft singer-songwriter on the soothing country pop of “Ease Up (Into Love)”. A tremendous amount of warmth radiates throughout the whole of the collection. Narratives emerge showing off small vignettes of a life lived to the fullest. Optimism is woven into each piece further lending it a sense of tenderness. With vocals that have a laid-back, mellow quality, Jay Elle sings straight from the heart. Rock, pop, country, folk, and a hint of soul, the entirety of the journey has a majestic quality to it. The arrangements merge all of these genres together in a way that feels so bright and airy. " beachsloth

"A country folk feel emanates from this wholesome sounding song, straight out of a field bathing in the summer sun, perfect for the open road. Images of wide spaces and fresh air fills the imagination of its listeners, while the music, quality production, a great voice and nice lyrics carries us away!"  Boulimique de Musique

"It's very joyful and soothing." Lost Song

"Overall the album is professional and creative. We find it extremely good and the artist has talent and the music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well throughout this album. Overall its a fun listening to the music and I am sure you would put it to repeat mode." twistonline

"Nice melody, I like the arpeggios and the voice, it's well produced as well. This track would find its way easily into our Smooth Indie playlist." Indeflagration

"Jay Elle brand of pop is refreshingly uncomplicated as witnessed by 'Sickly Sweet' a catchy and unpretentious piece that veers a little towards modern folk." beehivecandy

"A heartfelt love song performed by a fantastic artist with clarity, strong guitars and a deeper message. The way Jay places his guitar riffs and vocals (so carefully and beautifully) makes me reconsider my view of country music. More rock than pop or folk, this is something all people can enjoy." The Other Side Reviews

"Delicately uptempo and seriously addictive, this track is pure country for the 21st century. Ease up, ease up!" Olivier - Music in Belgium

"We love this song, we love this musician and we love this country music. The voice is perfect. and it's just a perfect song." Le Jeune Musical


" The new song is the lead track from his new Ease Up EP and showcases his timeless and immediate songwriting against a backdrop of chiming folk-pop guitars and a mellow, summery energy. Fans of The Lumineers, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson – you just found your new jam…." gigsoupmusic

"Ease up (Into Love) is a soft-rock track that refreshes the singer-songwriter style of performers like John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot. Jay Elle’s instrumentation link together the Barenaked Ladies and Semisonic with a very germane and honest approach. There’s a surprising deep sound to this introductory track that will continue to yield dividends to listeners even five or ten plays in." NeuFuturMagazine

"Honestly, it’s impossible not to like Jay Elle. Not only is his music heartwarming, organic and nurturing, but he also has this pizzazz to him that is beyond charming. In “Ease Up (Into Love),” one of the singles off of his new EP, Jay finds a way into our souls, blessing us with a gem that oozes with feel-good vibes."  ratingsgamemusic

" In these turbulent times, and a sometimes mixed up world, it’s always nice to hear something so uplifting and positive as the music Jay Elle creates." MusicNotez

" Jay Elle is bringing the musical edge with his newest album called Ease Up! I was able to check out his latest album on Spotify and it was very well blew me away. The Spotify edition was easy to use and locate his music on the media player. I was able to stream his album and just engulf myself with is new album. I can see why he is on 4 musical charts and climbing for his newest album." dropthespotlight

"Jay Elle's new single “Ease Up (Into Love)” is executed so gracefully and lovingly that the artist somehow makes it feel like it comes naturally to him, applying light touches to his voice to illuminate the intimacy of his understated songwriting. Jay Elle brings out the vulnerability in each one of us when making attempts at finding love. A new relationship is uncharted territory, and most of us have natural fears of the unknown." xttrawave

"From conception to execution and production aesthetics, this EP is a true gem, which allows listeners to peek into Jay’s mindset and songwriting attitude. Whether it’s rock, pop, folk, or R&B, he is able to bring many styles under one roof and create a one-of-a-kind tone." thebandcampdiaries

" This recording is full of extremely pleasant, well written and nicely arranged music. It has all the elements of great writing, melody, outstanding groove, excellent recording and a whole bunch of subtle, musical beauty. Let’s say that this recording has rekindled hope in me that there really still are artists out there who know how to make great melodic music." jamsphere

"Jay Elle's voice is absolutely delicious, and so soothing. The current single, “Ease Up (Into Love) is very carefully crafted, and it’s exquisite to listen to." indiepulsemusic

" Ease Up (Into Love) is a wonderful musical experience that is comprised of five tracks. Jay Elle’s warm acoustic instrumentation adds heavily upon the continuity and quality of the project. Ease Up (Into Love) totes some well-crafted melodies and guitar strums that are very striking. Take A Holiday is one track that stands out front for its inventiveness as it certainly exemplifies much of the EP’s charming premise. Ease Up (Into Love) by Jay Elle is a charm for purists who understand the brilliance of beautiful music."  warlockasyluminternationalnews

" Definitely, the biggest interest in this EP is the title track, which is a peaceful and yet very enjoyable track that is going to appeal to everybody who is into the kind of country music that Elle does. Why is this? Because he is a very melodic and logical musician, who knows what melody to use and how to use it, which is something that has very positive results in this particular situation and with this kind of musician." musicexistence

" So then who is Jay stripped unplugged of the influences that makes his sound palatable?  I can imagine you’d say something like: mature musicality, youthful vocals, dreamy cotton cords, gentle masculinity, and easy flow. A totally deezable playlistable sequence of tracks that’s designed for the foreground and the background." redcarpetliving

" From full-bodied sweeps to glimmering hums — Jay Elle alertly exploits the many voices that he has; adding textures and shaping the melody." callingallgigs

"Das Mini Album Ease Up ist für jeden ein absoluter Hinhörer, der auf gut durchdachten Gitarren-Pop  steht. Auf insgesamt sechs Titeln, bietet der New Yorker Musiker Jay Elle einen lässigen und talentieren Mix aus Acoustic Pop mit einer Spur Folk und einer ordentlichen Portion moderne..." shewolf

"Coming on the heels of his Top 40 charting song “Never Dreamed,” mixed by Brent Kolatalo (Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, One Republic,, Jay Elle asked Brent to mix all the tracks of this new EP, including the first single “Ease Up (Into Love).” The result is a dynamic, polished and tasteful mix of “Ease Up,” a thoughtful well-crafted song, offering words of wisdom to those looking for love..." lyricsandthreads 

Radio DJs Feedback:

"Catchy tune."

Jim Fisher (WGCS 91.1FM, South Bend, IN, USA/The Globe)


Bryant S LittleJohn (KISS108FM / JOY94.4FM / KIK94.5&88FM / VARIOUS INTERNET STATIONS) 

“ Nice track, great lyrics. Overall, great production. Would like to, and Need, to hear more from Jay Elle.”

Mike Stewart (100.3FM & Good Morning Country, Sydney Australia)

“Good...solid track with great production and sound.”

Peter Englefield (Phoenix Country Radio - Leeds, UK)

"Great song."

Harco Van Dijk (Round and Sound Radio, Netherlands)

"Very nice, easy listening country vibe."

Bill Black (Celtic Music Radio, Scotland)

"Very enjoyable."

Martin Smith (Radio Seagull 1602 AM, Harlingen, UK)

"Thanks for this refreshing music and artist."

Pippo Germaine (KC Radio Europa, Germany)

"Great, easy listening country music."

Kay Gray (MAXFM 91.3, Narrabri, NSW, Australia)

"Thanks for the chance to hear this."

Colin MacDonald (Folkal Point Syndicated Radio Show, Scotland/ An Reidio 105.2 FM)

"Nice. In rotation on Z Country Radio."

DJ Gee Man (The HIllz 98.6FM, Coventry, UK)

"Good track for my Teatime Show on Argyll FM."

Trevox (Argyll FM, 106.5 FM, Campbeltown, Scotland)

"Great song."

Gibbi Franzen (Rock Radio, Germany)

"A catchy piece of music!"

MIke Fulton (RadioVideo, Belfast, Ireland)

"Just Great."

Jorge Arnanz (Route 66 Radio, Spain)

"Good country song."

John Andersen (Radio Dandelion Fredericia 91.5FM, Middelfart, Denmark)

"A track for Radio VGR."

Mark Farrant (Radio VGR, Norfolk, UK)

"Easy listening country-pop track. Real good."

George Milos (Radio Flora TM, Timisoara, Romania)

"Nice one, favorite track."
Tjerk Coers (Armada Music, Netherlands)

"Sounds good."
Peter Hills & Philippe (Radio Waves International, France)

"Definitely an artist to watch for in the future."
Kev Walker (The Cat 107.9 FM, Crewe, Cheshire, UK)

"Wonderful song for my show."
DJ Don Hollander (Radio Zeeuws/DogTag FM, Netherlands)

"Excellent. Well done. Very interesting voice."
Kurt Gabriel (ECMA Radio, Austria)

"Good sound."
Martin Gilles (Radio Aria 99.6, Longwy, France)

"One for out station and playlist."
Stevie Gordon (Radio Seagull 1602 AM, Furnes, Norway)

"Good swinging song."
Dan Stokes (7TAS, Tasman FM 97.7, Nubeena, Tasmania)