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"We enjoyed your song "Twelve on Sunday." Your voice is wonderful. Smooth and flexible with a fresh and unusual tone. You capture attention with your intonation and clarity, that's your strength. It's nice to see an artist being innovative with their sound."

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"Twelve on Sunday is an incredible song by artist Jay Elle. Singing about his history he once shared with a girl who he deeply cares for. It seems as if he's curious of her whereabouts & wonders about her recent actions. He also explains that this girl likes to do anything she feel that may get her in trouble. Could this be the reason she's no longer around? This single left me with many unanswered questions as a story was revealed in my ears through melody. What ever happened to the girl? For that reason is why I'm in deep hopes for a part two. A beautiful guitar playing in the background, with smooth & passionate lyrics by Jay Elle."

4 out of 5 Flames is the rating I feel this single deserves. But take a listen for yourself & you be the judge! 

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"Beautiful song, a hit. Great voice. The lyrics are very original. Intricate guitar arrangement that support the melody really well. I love the classical guitar. It is not used very often in pop songs." 


"... brilliant! Haunting melodies, beautiful voice. Great songs!..." 


"What a beautiful voice. Twelve on Sunday is a great song." 


Highly talented and popular New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player – Jay Elle, recently released a song ‘Twelve on Sunday’, and soon after its release, this song has become widely popular, and it is currently playing on over 100 radio stations and is being widely requested by listeners. Twelve on Sunday has taken Jay Elle to the peaks of popularity; and according to his fans, ‘Jay Elle is unique and there is no one like him’.

Jay Elle has been practicing music for several years now and his claim to fame is his wonderful unique voice, soothing, smooth and flexible with a fresh and unusual tone. The best thing about Jay Elle’s songs is that he writes original songs that fit in the pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. According to his fans, Jay Elle’s voice is beautiful and expressive and takes you on a journey with every word.

The recently release Jay Elle’s single ‘Twelve on Sunday’, is written and sung beautifully by Jay Elle himself; and like his other songs, this song is also about a real life, emotional situations that Jay Elle has beautifully stored in his soulful voice with a melodic guitar tune.

Twelve on Sunday is about a single dad and his twelve-year-old daughter. This song beautifully describes a scene in which a very loving father is sharing his fears and emotions about her daughter growing up and turning 12 on the coming Sunday. This song truly touches the heart and soul - apart from the soulful voice of Jay Elle - the beautiful lyrics of this song bring tears to the eyes. Twelve on Sunday is like the heart’s voice of all the single fathers as this song is very relatable for all the single fathers who have daughters that are growing up and becoming teenagers.

The combination of the beautiful, intricate, classical guitar sound and the passionate voice of Jay Elle has made this song a popular choice for the listeners.

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About: Jay Elle is a New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player. He writes original songs that fit in the singer-songwriter, pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. Jay Elle is different, innovative with his sound and lyrics, unafraid to stand beside slick productions. His voice is soothing yet passionate. His classical guitar arrangements are intricate yet beautiful. Jay Elle is the one and only urban troubadour. His writing combines beautiful melodies and unique, poignant lyrics tackling rare subject matters.


New York, NY – Jay Elle, a New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter, and experienced guitar player with a flair for capturing raw acoustics in his music, this week officially released the first single off his upcoming debut album: Twelve on Sunday. The single, Twelve on Sunday, will be followed by three other singles starting this month until 2017 when the full album will be made available for purchase.

Twelve on Sunday, a gripping single about the unique and fragile relationship between a father and his young daughter, follows the thoughts, emotions, and anguish of a father’s racing mind when his young daughter storms out of the house with no indication of her whereabouts.

“This isn’t typical pop song single material,” said Jay Elle. “I wanted to focus on capturing the truly emotional raw state of this subject matter, which is why the single is just my vocals mixed with my nylon string Ovation guitar. I felt the bare arrangement would accentuate the rapidly fleeting and consuming emotions the father feels when watching his daughter grow up right before his very eyes.”

Jay Elle works out of New York City and writes original songs that fit in the singer-songwriter, pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. He focuses the majority of his musical expression on acoustic guitar arrangements coupled with is soothing and sultry vocals. He is able to adapt the style and sound of his guitar to match every mood emulated in his songs.

“I set out from day one to provide an alternative to the run of the mill production of pop songs, a break from the busy arrangements crowding the airways – a rest for the ears of the listeners, and a true break from the norm,” said Jay Elle. “It’s not about slick production values or resonating with billions of listeners worldwide. It’s about unique, real life emotional situations that consume us all at one point or another.”

Twelve on Sunday relates how a father, single, reacts to his twelve-year-old daughter having a tantrum and leaving the house. The father thinks to himself: where is she going? Will she come back soon? She’s much too young to be out there on her own. The departure of the daughter spurs the father to think about when she was much younger, incapable of expressing anger and anguish towards him. Her storming-out behavior makes him immediately think of none other than her mother.

Jay Elle focuses on creating a truly gut-wrenching performance that leaves all listeners hairs on end. The singer-songwriter nails it, and develops an unforgettable performance that will surely solidify his name at the top of acoustic performers.

Twelve on Sunday is accompanied by a beautiful, enchanting melody that floats over poignant lyrics touching on rare, intense subject matter. The presentation and performance leaves the listener thinking of a similar song from our past, She’s Got A Way, by Billy Joel.

Already playing on over 100 radio stations currently, listeners are eagerly awaiting the release of Jay Elle’s first album next year.

“I want to encourage listeners to break the traditional song mold, and explore subjects we often dismiss as taboo and uncomfortable to discuss,” said Jay Elle. “I know a lot of people can relate to this song, especially the undercurrent of the young girl who actually strives to get into trouble instead of avoiding it. I hope this song brings back memories for listeners, and helps others work through their emotions they all-too-often hide.”

Jay Elle’s record, Twelve on Sunday, was produced by Halfmoon Records in New York City, and will be available at the beginning of 2017. The album was recorded right in Varick Studios in New York City.

Jay Elle has worked with a plethora of extremely talented producers in the past including Warren Schatz, Bernard Edwards, and the list goes on. Jay Elle has also collaborated and played with a number of notable musicians including Margaret Dorn, Wayne Pedzwater, Jett Harris, John Dubs, Byron Estep, and so many others.

“I want to thank all of my loyal listeners out there, and am encouraging everyone to give Twelve on Sunday a listen this week,” said Jay Elle. “Challenge stereotypical music norms, and together, let’s break down the walls with raw, unadulterated lyrics.”

Twelve on Sunday can be currently purchased from Amazon or iTunes.

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Twelve on Sunday
Jay Elle (Twelve on Sunday)

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Jay Elle’s new single “Twelve on Sunday” Becomes Wildly Popular. More...

Jay Elle’s new single “Twelve on Sunday” takes inspiration from the father-daughter relationship

“Twelve on Sunday” is the new song written and performed by Jay Elle which sheds some light on the relationship between a father and his daughter. The song, performed by the singer himself while just playing guitar and no other instrument, describes how a single father reacts to his 12-year-old daughter who is throwing a tantrum and leaving the house. It shows the feelings of a father who is raising his daughter as a single dad.

The simple yet heart-warming lyrics, describe how the father asks ‘where is she going?’ and ‘she’s much too young to be out there on her own’ and that it feels like a nightmare to him. He tells his daughter that she reminds him of her mother as he takes a walk down memory lane. Jay Elle has kept the song simple yet appealing with his nylon string Ovation guitar that brings the classical sound to the mix. This keeps all the focus on the raw emotions depicted in the song.

Jay Elle and his team have put all their focus on capturing the true emotions in the vocals which they have managed to achieve. He has surely explored out of the mainstream genre as a single artist by describing a relatable, emotional and realistic father-daughter relationship through his song. Jay Elle takes his inspiration from “She’s got a way” by Billy Joel who also performs his song with only a piano. The song is catching up great popularity and already playing on over 100 radio stations.

“I wanted to provide an alternative to the overproduced pop songs and present to the audience something different, which would appeal to them emotionally and touch their heart. “Twelve on Sunday” is an attempt to depict a practical aspect of life and the emotional relationship between a father and a daughter through a heartwarming song”, says Jay Elle, singer, composer, and guitarist.

His unique voice and melodious singing add to the charm of the song, which takes the listener into a true musical experience. Though classical guitars are used rarely in pop songs yet Jay Elle is not afraid to break the conventions and bring in an innovative touch to his songs.

About Jay Elle- Jay Elle is a male vocalist, songwriter and guitarist based in New York City who has gained popularity for his new single “Twelve on Sunday”. He writes songs in urban folk, adult contemporary genres with his unique acoustic guitar arrangements. He makes sure to fit the sound of the guitar with the emotions of the song to make the song expressive and beautiful.

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Jay Elle warms our hearts from New York City to the World

Call it a musical revolution or going back to basics, Jay Elle’s music tells the stories of people we meet every day. Emotions that we know, moments that we’ve lived they all come back to life while listening to Jay Elle’s tunes.

Jay Elle is a New York City male vocalist, songwriter and a guitar player. He writes songs with original tunes that fit the singer’s vocal abilities and displays them like a successful cat walk. He creates music in the range of pop, urban folk and adult contemporary nuances. Both the lyrics and the melody he creates catch the urban elegance and the allure of the urban lifestyle through the gravity of acoustic guitar and expressive vocals.

What separates Jay Elle’s music from the mass musical industry all over the world is the fact that he creates and plays music in the smart way. He brings music back to telling stories on appealing rhythms and creates art. His music is not about entertainment only; it’s about living through art.

The latest song of Jay Elle is called “Twelve on Sunday” and it’s being played world-wide on radio channels. It’s the kind of song that soothes your ears and delights your emotions. The lyrics are sung with clarity and you can easily follow them while escaping into the musical notes proposed by the song.

Twelve on Sunday is a vocal art gallery because it presents Jay Elle’s vocal abilities as they truly are: flexible and soothing, strong yet calming. The New York singer has a refreshing vibe and unusual tunes that actually fit in your daily playlist.

You can see the man in action being accompanied with a nylon-string Ovation guitar bringing the classical sound gravitas to the mix. Using the classical guitar in pop songs creates a nude atmosphere while accentuating the raw emotions contained in the lyrics.

With passion and talent, Jay Elle proposes a new era of music. A beautiful, intricate and clear sound emerges from a true urban troubadour and a refined storyteller.

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